Prassas Capital was born out of the limits and frustration of working in a dynamic financial environment that demands a comprehensive approach, within an industry that has evolved into a marketplace of vendors; of financial tools and tool salesmen. Opinions are many, but advice – creative, independent, accountable advice – is rare.

Clients are not shopping for tools. They are struggling to solve problems. And yet, in spite of greater financial complexities and expanding market opportunities, they are ultimately still forced to shop among tools and tool salesmen, when what they really need is a carpenter. We see ourselves as carpenters. Financial carpenters. With nicer clothes.

We create and implement customized solutions to financial problems outside of the standardized, product-driven environment of traditional financial institutions. We offer sound and objective financial advice. We sell no products, make no direct loans, do not leverage our balance sheet to underwrite securities. We have no balance sheet. We offer experience, relationships, and a comprehensive understanding of the financial marketplace.

Our independence is central to this theme. Free of larger corporate ownership, free of conflict of interest, unconstrained by conventional industry boundaries, product type, or other affiliations. Our approach cannot be mass-marketed. It is time-consuming. It is individual. It is dependent, above all, on judgment.

We pride ourselves as being distinctly different. We are opinionated. We are direct. Our time and attention is allocated to a limited number of clients each year. We will only enter into a relationship in which we feel we can add value.