Prassas Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor. We manage taxable and non-taxable equity and fixed income portfolios for individuals, corporations, endowments and foundations on a discretionary, fee-only basis.

Asset management is a constant, subjective evaluation of relative value and changing risk/reward parameters. Every portfolio, deliberately or inadvertently, places certain economic and/or market “wagers” by virtue of the selection (and avoidance) of specific investments. The ongoing reallocation will unavoidably reflect the asset manager’s unique outlook and interpretation of economic events, and the corresponding reaction or anticipation of the capital markets. There must be a clear understanding of the analytical process, practice, assumptions and biases inherent in every investment management approach.

Every portfolio we manage is customized, in a written investment policy agreement. We discuss our economic and market perspective for the prior and prospective three months in our Quarterly Commentary. It is important our clients understand why and how we buy and sell, in accordance with our continual assessment of risk and reward. We will also occasionally discuss a particular topic or theme that is timely, or is in response to a frequent question or misconception.

We appreciate the profound act of faith and confidence an investor demonstrates upon choosing any asset manager. The more effectively we communicate with our clients, the more productive our relationship can be.